Cinq relations de mon corps au monde



An artist must reconnect with a certain romantic approach in which a magnificent, exalted, sentimental and mystified view of the world is interwoven.


The place of the body in a space, in nature, the environment, civilization or other cultural factors disrupt the vision of reality to open a breach in the perception that we can have: seeing the world of the inside of your pupils to really see it, in all his incomprehension. It is also fundamental to offer this experience of elsewhere, as a culture shock where the senses travel from one country to another.

The artist therefore positions himself in five specific situations, each one highlighting a cultural, religious, topographical, geopolitical, meteorological singularity, in an artistic work inspired by the codes of documentary and scientific explorations which positions himself as a documentary spectator and puts his eye in transit of the experience which he sees and which sees.


Each of the stages of this work was lived over a period of two weeks. This time choice is based on previous experiences: it is important to reach and overcome a phase of creative boredom, boredom like that unpleasant dead calm of the soul that precedes the happy race and the joyous winds.


The five journeys are respectively: Brussels to the Black Sea by train, the static body and the constantly hallucinating sight, the desert island of South Uist in Scotland, Svalbard during the polar night, Safi in Morocco and the monastery Notre Dame de Prime Combe occupied by eleven mentally handicapped monks in self-management.