Programm march - april 2018

Association du Salopard, Lausanne


42x59,4cm, offset on Munken Pure


L’association du Salopard (Bastard’s association in English) is a not-for-profit organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in 2005, the association was behind the cultural project of Le Bourg, in an old cinema built in 1912 in the historical centre of Lausanne, Switzerland. L’association du Salopard has since organized thousands of events such as concerts, projections, underground festivals and other various cultural activities to become one of the most renowned venues for experimental and underground music in Europe.


Since 2015, Jonas Meier has taken over the graphic identity, posters, programs and artistic interventions. The identity has constantly changed throughout the years, becoming an array of different images, typographies and photographs.


The series shares two visions resulting from the collaboration between French artist Adèle Gratacos and Franco-Swiss artist Jonas Meier. Two contradictory romantic visions where romance, violence, empty rooms and wet looks collide.

Collages of living images from films, books and other artists' finds bring their two worlds together. The void between these images is their relationship.