Programm march - april 2019

Association du Salopard, Lausanne


28.9×38cm, printed on rotative press


L’association du Salopard (Bastard’s association in English) is a not-for-profit organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded in 2005, the association was behind the cultural project of Le Bourg, in an old cinema built in 1912 in the historical centre of Lausanne, Switzerland. L’association du Salopard has since organized thousands of events such as concerts, projections, underground festivals and other various cultural activities to become one of the most renowned venues for experimental and underground music in Europe.


Each Programm traces an experience lived over a period of two weeks of the solitary body in an unknown space. This time choice is based on previous experiences: it is important to reach and overcome a phase of creative boredom, boredom like that unpleasant dead calm of the soul which precedes the happy race and the joyous winds.


The five journeys are respectively: Brussels to the Black Sea by train, the static body and the constantly hallucinating sight, the desert island of South Uist in Scotland, Svalbard during the polar night, Safi in Morocco and the monastery Notre Dame de Prime Combe occupied by eleven mentally handicapped monks in self-management.