25 Arts Seconde Programm

Centre Wallonie Brussels, Paris


84x59.4cm, offset on My Sol Gloss 90g


The 3rd edition of the cycle dedicated to artists' films and films about art - 25 Arts Seconde - continues its exploration of the moving image and the interplay between contemporary art and cinema.

In total, in screenings and online, some 15 proposals which, beyond capturing the here and now, reveal it in a very singular way, as if in parallax.

Make way for the decompartmentalization of formal languages. This edition is embodied in a multiplied morphology and is grafted onto the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin.

It unfolds during an evening of screenings that ends with a DJ set and in cyberspace, where a streaming platform will be used to discover works that disturb the thresholds of the imagination, selected by critic and curator Mathilde Roman, who was invited to create this part of the programme.

The poster for the cycle is by Vincen Beeckman - a committed surveyor of the margins and peripheries.

This cycle will therefore be divided into different sections, with the aim of identifying the liquid, situated and porous states of current creation.”