Il trionfo della Morte, Christophe Clèbard

les album claus, Brussels


“ Enfant terrible of synth-punk, Christophe Clébard exiled from his native Italy, survives on Belgian territory. David (his real name) has a bleeding heart. He sings about love, breakup and sad parties with the help of an obsolete synthesizer. In fact, love is the only battle he loses, yet he attacks with ardor and reverberation, using an exhilarating rhythm to combat depression.

The melodies hit us like a crowbar and have the flavor of the break at dawn in a port. The smell of the garbage truck at 6am when you meet your ex - well accompanied - while you have a warm beer and a dirty frock as a single escort.

In concert, Christophe Clèbard grabs his audience, in brief, with a touch that can evoke the top10 of our most beautiful crises of anxiety. A unique experience that revives all senses.”


All tracks were composed and recorded by Christophe Clèbard at les ateliers claus. The album was recorded during a residency at Les Ateliers Claus during the month of April 2021, mixed by Piccolo Bruno and Christophe Clebard and mastered by Elvin Vanzeebroeck at Rare Sound Studio.