Knotwilg Festival 2019 at Brasserie Atlas

Knotwilg Records - les ateliers claus - En Silence, Brussels


42×59.4cm, offset on blueback paper


Knotwilg records is a label that acts as a personal portal to accessible experimental music, independent of any particular movement or era. Releasing music and distributing like-minded artists in a contemporary DIY style. Co-curating concerts, events and the annual Knotwilg festival.


Les Ateliers Claus is a Brussels-based concert venue, residency space and imprint since 2006. It is internationally known for its music programmation of intriguing concerts and releases all over the board. The venue acts as a hub for the Belgian music scene since its creation.


The art collective En Silence lived and worked at Brasserie Atlas between 2016 and 2020 where they made an extremely rigorous production of works, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events in a constant aim to enhance dizzying actions and poetic gestures.


The Knotwilg Festival is a musical celebration around the Knotwilg label.


The selection of images was made in collaboration with Julien Dumond.