Programm march - april 2019

Recyclart, Brussels


42x59,4cm, offset on Munken Pure


Recyclart is a not-for-profit organization. It manages a multi-disciplinary arts centre as well as projects within the social economy represented by a bar/restaurant and a wood/metal working space. The old building that hosts the venue embodies the idea behind the project – alternative, slightly rough and grungy, a bit out of the way, but with a vision of connecting people and ideas, the revival of the local community. Parties, concerts, exhibitions, community-based initiatives and lectures on architecture, public space and design are on the Programm.


The series of Programms of the 2018-2019 musical season highlight places that resist to modernism. Unlike the very urban environment in which the Recyclart room is located, the Programms praise nature and microcosms of resistance to modernism. From a small rock standing above the creeping peat of South Uist, Scotland, to a chicken on a small farm in Vendée or the flying cars of the French Pyrenees.