Return of the living dirt, Triple Negative

Swallowing Helmets, Brussels


20 handmade copies

52x78.4cm, offset on blueback paper + screenprinted with forbidden phosphorescent ink


“ This new sound expedition by Triple Negative is everything you wish from music. A fully controlled journey through musical history with not only gentle nods to Dead C/CJA/Shadow Ring and the whole of Xpressway family. But indeed also references going as far back as 'Sister Ray' or even tribal Moondog rhythms sounding like Valentina Magaletti percussions on a very good day. Topped with contemporary lo-fi compositions such as Amateur Hour/Midnight Mines/Mapura Music making it as essential as a 8.8cm Flak in wartime, Worth every euro or more for every second of sound brilliance . And boy, the sound of this lathe cut is amazing compared to the nineties thingies.”


 – Johan from Knotwilg Records /Dj Klakke


The rock on the picture  comes from the Etna in Sicily. But strangely didn't seem to belong to the volcano.